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EuroTier China Hackathon

Why now?

  • Food security, disease and animal health, transparency in the supply chain and sustainability are some of the big challenges that lie ahead of the animal farming industry.
  • Big problems need new & creative solutions, that look to future and bring technology and innovation to the forefront.
  • The EuroTier Hackathon is a platform for the animal farming industry to collaborate with the business and education community at large to identify challenges and come up with solutions for the same.

Why Attend?

  • Be in the spotlight of agriculture innovation
  • Be a part of the platform that will transform solution concepts to market ready ideas
  • Network with the globe’s brightest and best technology minds
  • Engage with the agriculture community in 3 regions: Asia, Europe and Middle East
  • Support young start up enterprise
  • Promote collaboration
  • Build brand recognition and awareness with the global agricultural sector
  • Align your organisation with China, Germany and middle east for consistency centres of innovation excellence

How It Works?

Challenge (Track Sponsor):
A track is a challenge or a problem statement developed by a company or organization.

The Teams:
A group of individuals who have a new innovative solution to the problem/ challenge put forth by the track sponsor.

Individual contributors, mentors, students, experts attend the hackathoin and presentations supporting the ideas and teams.

Panel of Judges:
The track sponsor, nominates a panel of judges and subject matter experts who award a track winner.

Who Attends?

  • Farmers
  • Back-end developers
  • University students
  • Graphic designers
  • Coders
  • Engineers
  • IU/UX Software
  • Data scientists
  • IoT
  • Machine learning professionals

Calling Track Sponsors!

Do you have a challenge that you wish to see solved?
Want to leverage a community of the brightest minds across business functions and industries?
Come together and find a hack for your business and the future of animal farming
Track Sponsorship starts at $30,000 per track

For more information and to register:
   Contact us