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EuroTier China Feed and Animal Nutrition Conference


Sep. 16

The present Sstuation and International Trend of Feed Science and Technology

  • on exploration of innovative ideas of feed science and technology
  • animal precision nutrition
  • the application of R&D of international intellectualized feed processing

Sep. 17

Sharing and Exchange of Feed Technology between China and Foreign Countries

  • feed precision formula
  • feed processing technology and production cost control
  • the development of reducing antibiotics and antibiotic-free in feed
  • innovation research and standardization application of biological feed additives
  • antibiotic alternatives
  • low-protein diet formula technology and unconventional raw materials
  • feed nutrients parameters and emission reduction strategy
  • feed quality assurance and safet;
  • prevention and control of African swine fever

Sep. 18

Excellent Case Analysis at Home and Abroad

  • low-protein diet and amino acids
  • antibiotic-free diets in Europe
  • new functional feed additives
  • feed fermentation and enzymolysis
  • new intellectualized and environmental-friendly feedstuff plant design scheme