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The 2nd China Pig Conference

and Pig Farm Resume Production and Intelligent Made in the Post-ASF Endemic Period Workshop

Venue: Qingdao International Convention & Exhibition Center,Qingdao
Organizer: China Animal Industry, China Feed


Sept 19th : Registration, Pre-conference Salon(afternoon),Welcome dinner
Sept 20th Morning Opening Ceremony & Keynote Speech, Afternoon Keynote Speech, Sub forum,Dinner

Conference Speech

  • Current epidemic status and control measures of swine diseases 2019
  • Analysis of Pig Market in 2019 and Trend in the Second Half of the Year
  • Discussion on Current Strategy of Pig Farm Breeding Improvement
  • Pig Breeding Model and Industry Developing Trend in China
  • Pig Farms in the post-African swine fever epidemic period:Where to go?
  • Introducing Experience of Typical Profitable Breeding Model in Pig Farms 2019
  • Prevention and Control of Pig farm Diseases in 2019
  • Global Pig Market (Mr. Steven Haueser, Director of Club of European Pig Producers,DLG e.V.,)
  • Treatment of Piggery Manure (Stallkamp Director)
  • Breeding of swine varieties (famous expert of Dutch breeding company)