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Benyuan Forum - the 7th Sows and piglets conference

and 7th “Pig Feed of China” award ceremony

Venue: Sheraton qingdao licang hotel·Qingdao, Shandong
On-site registration fee applicable

Tentative Conference Topic

  • 2020 complete ban on the use of antibiotic in feed, How’s the future outlook of industry? How to deal with it?
  • “Nutritional Strategies” for Improving Immunity of Sows
  • “Nutritional Strategies” to Enhance the immune system of Weaned Piglets
  • Body Stop Loss, Precision Nutrition Scheme for multiparous Sows
  • Linkage thinking of Nutrition Strategies of Sows and Piglets in the Context of sows and weaner integration
  • Focusing on the Nutrition Formula, Technology and Feeding Innovation of High-Productivity Sow Feed
  • Mycotoxin Pollution in China and Its Prevention and Control Measures
  • Effect of well Mycotoxin Prevention and Control on Sow Immunity
  • "Functions and Differences of Mycotoxin Biodegradation and Conventional Adsorption"
  • Difficulties and Innovations in Research and Development of Educational and Protective Materials under the Background of 2020 Feed antibiotic Prohibition
  • New Thoughts on Health Care of Sow in the Background of non-antibiotic
  • Innovation and Application of Biological Fermentation Technology in Research and Development of non-antibiotic Sows and Piglets feed
  • New Functional Enzyme Preparations: A New Method of Antibiotics replacement in creep feed and culture feed
  • Effects of plants essential oils on intestinal health and reproductive performance of sows
  • Dialectical Relationship between Fat Nutrition and Intestinal Health
  • The Role of Functional Oligosaccharides in the Research and Development of antibiotic-free creep feed and culture feed
  • New Thoughts on the Development and Application of Natural Plant Extracts under the background of antibiotic replacement
  • Exploring the Microbial world, Unveiling the Symbiosis and Game between Beneficial and Harmful Microorganisms
  • Biological signal conduction Regulation Strategies for Improving Pig Feed Intake
  • Recent Advances in Low Protein feed Against the Background of Soybean Meal Reduction
  • Structures, Processes, potency, Emissions Reduction: Understanding Organic Trace from Multiple Perspectives
  • How to scientifically recognize the similarities and differences between ordinary zinc oxide, coated zinc oxide and nano-zinc oxide under the background of zinc reduction
  • How to do a good job in pig farm management and biosafety system construction under the background of African swine fever normalization
  • "Prevention and control of African swine fever, discussion on the importance of batch management of sows"
  • Intelligent Pig breeding: broad prospects, Promoting Safe, Environmental Protection and High Efficiency Pig breeding
  • The Necessity and Measures of Promoting Sow Welfare under the Current Situation of China's Pig Industry

Interactive forum: Comments on domestic and foreign Feed Formula of Sow and Piglet

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